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Israeli national telecom provider, Bezeq, has announced a multi-million dollar building investment programme to help spur company growth and improve its infrastructure offerings.
According to CEO, Yakov Gelbard, the company will soon be entering into the field of data centers. Bezeq will provide its business customers with a number of data services from leasing space and hosting servers to complex communication services. The company is currently building the first site that will be able to store these services. The site has a secure and protected underground facility built to the highest Israeli standards, as well as an above-ground facility built to a similar standard.
Bezeq's data center services will offer several options:
Leasing - Bezeq will offer its customers the lease of storage space for setting up computer rooms to be used as main sites or back-up and survivability sites. In addition, the customer can purchase full services from Bezeq, including installation, maintenance and back-up and business continuity.
Full hosting - Customers will be offered the lease of storage space in ready-made and fully equipped communications cabinets connected to electricity and communications networks, and Bezeq will construct a computer server array to meet the customer's needs. Here too, Bezeq will enable customers to choose from a selection of additional services - for payment - such as planning, maintenance and repair services, upgrade and back-up services, and business continuity services.
Back-up - Bezeq will offer customers back-up services in various configurations, designed to deal with malfunctions or any other problem that might arise in the customers' information systems. The back-up- services will be provided in the underground facility and other remote Bezeq sites, and will be available to customers at all times.
Bezeq will offer unique underground facilities designed for the largest customers, such as banks, government bodies and so on, which need underground facilities for their individual use, without having to share space with others. Bezeq has a clear advantage here, in the use it will make of its nationwide facilities.
"We hope to launch our data center services during the summer," said Gelbard. "As a service company, it is important to us that our customers be able work without worries. We are proud of our ability to provide our customers with maximum help in our area of expertise, so that they can achieve maximum output in their fields. The provision of a complete range of professional hosting services, to world class standards, is yet another important service with which we can help our customers focus on their own areas of operation," said Gelbard.