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Host Virtual has expanded its worldwide footprint with the establishment of a presence in Singapore to serve countries in the Southeast Asia region. This compliments the sites that Host Virtual already maintains in the Asia Pacific region, including India, Hong Kong and Australia.

Host Virtual is a cloud provider that operates dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) clouds that are built around scalability and self-service. Customers have the option to quickly deploy a variety of appliances based on pre-built Linux or FreeBSD templates without the hassle of pay-per-minute plans—they pay a monthly fee instead.

Buddha Toothe Relic Temple, Singapore
Buddha Toothe Relic Temple, Singapore – Thinkstock / fazon1

Strategic move

The new data center will be housed at Epsilon’s New Tech Park at Lorong Chuan, where Host Virtual will have access to about 500 carriers. It is understood that there will also be a connection to Equinix in Singapore in order to offer mobile data providers the ability to quickly access more than 190 network providers.

“Singapore leads Southeast Asia when it comes to Internet penetration. It’s situated in a strategic point that can access the growing markets in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand,” said Kris Slevens, director of customer experience at Host Virtual. “Our Singapore datacenter will elevate our customers’ connections into Asia at large, as well as lower latency for deployments to the area.”

According to information released by the company, deployment to this data center may initially be restricted to its BGP Anycast customers and other existing customers. This suggests that the Host Virtual is starting small, and that it is looking more to support existing customers rather than growing its customer base.

As we reported earlier this year, many brand-name cloud providers have also been hard at work establishing a presence in the region to tap into the growing cloud market here. This typically entails setting up a physical presence in the data center hubs of Singapore or Hong Kong, and providers that have established a presence in Singapore includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), GoDaddy, and Digital Ocean. Just last month, we also reported that cloud provider Linode has shortlisted Pacnet for its data center in Singapore.