There’s no doubt that the rapid advancement of technology has defined the last 100 years. The social and cultural impact is so significant, it’s nearly impossible to measure. Technology always exists within an ecosystem, and each advancement (such as MPO) has a ripple effect in other areas of the culture.

From the consumer perspective, observing how new technologies creates new possibilities and opportunities is exciting. But behind the scenes, entire industries scramble to keep pace with the promises of these advancements. Fiber optic technology is no exception. As technology solutions within fiber networks evolve, the entire ecosystem, including network owners, operators, designers, technicians, and field contractors are all striving to adapt quickly by obtaining the latest knowledge and tools to deliver optimal performance and get the job done right. But achieving industrywide best practices takes time, and a shift in thinking. Getting your mind around the ripple effect of technology can feel a little abstract, though. Sometimes it helps to consider things in more concrete terms.