Multiple functions – Increasing Utility-Electrical Rates with lowering Energy (Solar) Costs - are influencing the decision of whether we should deploy solar for On-Grid Solutions.

Solar Panels and Converters are typically used in Telecom Applications, as an Energy Source to support and-or compliment battery recharging for Off-Grid sites.

As such, it is an energy device, whose purpose is to charge the battery that serves the load. With the reduction of solar panel prices and infrastructure, and the slow rise of utility rates, can solar serve as a power device and share duties to provide power to the load in On-Grid solutions with reasonable financial returns to justify this expenditure.

If the opportunity is feasible, what are the functions that defines solar as a viable solar power source?

With several simulations across a vast network, opportunities to start planning and implementing solar as a power device are emerging, where solar converters may share duties with the traditional rectifier and grid connection, Vertiv illustrate that solar can be an effective financial solution once the cost of power exceed 0.25 USD/kWh.