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Data Center airflow management vendor Upsite Technologies has launched AisleLok, a modular containment system designed to block airflow and guarantee hot and cold aisle separation.

With no custom construction needed customer sites will experience no disruption the vendor said. Upsite has already run the system on a number of early adopter customer installations and says the customers have enjoyed improved airflow conditions.

Flexibility is key, it said, so the system has a rack top angle baffle that can be used for either hot or cold aisles. In addition it has dispensed with tradition and created a containment system that is cheap and adaptable. According to Upsite, the units can be aggregated together to scale, so that a full implementation can span the entire computer room or campus if needed.

The vendor claimed the system can save clients on management costs because it

can be self-installed in minutes and reconfigured to new aisles without needing third-party expertise for installation.

The rack top baffle aside, the other main component of modular containment is a set of bi-directional doors with an optional rack gap panel.

The rack top baffle can be purchased in either a 30-degree angle (from horizontal) position or in a vertical 90-degree angle (from horizontal) position.

Both components attach directly to the racks magnetically.

The open-sealing design prevents aisle over-pressurization, and its ‘elegant’ appearance brings a professional aesthetic to the facility, claims Upsite Technologies.

“AisleLok has been designed to improve the airflow performance in both existing and new data centers without disruption,” said Upsite senior engineer Lars Strong.

“The initial installation results of AisleLok Modular Containment led to significant improvements in cooling capacity and a savings in energy consumption.”