UK-based NexGen Cloud is investing $1 billion in building an "AI Supercloud" in Europe.

NexGen Cloud
– NexGen Cloud

According to the company, it already has $576 million in hardware orders secured for the project.

The AI Supercloud will be available for European businesses and governments for AI applications and research that needs to remain in the European jurisdiction.

The platform will begin deployment in October 2023 and will eventually feature more than 20,000 Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs. The complete deployment is expected in June 2024. It will be accessible via NexGen Cloud's hyperstack platform.

“AI is going to determine the economic success of nations and define the prosperity of their citizens,” said Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud.

“The AI Supercloud will empower businesses to gain competitive advantages in the next evolution of technology, all within the European jurisdiction and the data sovereignty and security that brings. Through our collaboration with Nvidia, we are going to deliver an AI Supercloud that will ensure that European enterprises can be globally competitive and ahead of competition.”

The project is being funded by a partnership between NexGen Cloud and Moore and Moore Investments Group (MMI) which is receiving investment from private investors.

NexGen Cloud is a member of the Nvidia Partner Network. The company, founded in 2020, is an Infrastructure as a Service company, providing high-performance GPU cloud computing solutions to customers.

Nvidia began supplying DGX supercomputers to customers in May 2023, having previously made the solution available on the cloud in March. In September, French Telco Iliad acquired a DGX SuperPOD, a Nvidia supercomputer with 1,016 H100 GPUs. Singaporean AI provider 6Estates announced it was deploying a DGX BasePOD earlier this month.