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The Green Grid has launched a new global interest group to create a mutual understanding and a chance for government and the data center industry to collaborate to improve resource efficiency.

It said as an internationally-recognized leader on IT resource efficiency, its Government Engagement Committee (GEC) will bring together an assortment of stakeholders including local and national governments, technical experts and data center vendors and operators.

Their aim will be to collectively analyze, collect and share information, co-ordinate meetings and create a balanced environment where the data center industry can prosper whilst operating a sustainable manner with governments.

The Green Grid Association’s GEC chairman and VP of intelligent efficiency at EMC Rona Newmark said although data centers contribute to the economies of countries, they are at risk of being misunderstood because of the very few people employed, the amount of energy they use and the emissions they cause.

“We aim both to help the industry appreciate the issues that governments are addressing and to help governments better understand the challenges facing the industry,” Newmark said.

The Green Grid said its technical expertise enables it to provide a unique perspective on how to improve resource efficiency.

“While data center owners around the world are improving resource efficiency, data centers remain significant energy users," Newmark said.

"The Green Grid aims to help develop tools and metrics to assist governments and data center operators alike, whether they are working within existing regulatory frameworks or attempting to shape new regulation.”

The Green Grid Association’s advisory council member and GEC vice-chair and CEO at Interxion, Lex Coors, added that government action was inevitable.

“By bringing both sides together through the GEC, we aim to ensure that any new regulation is implemented in a way that is both appropriate to the industry and as simple as possible for vendors and operators to comply with,” Coors said.