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Schneider Electric launched its second-generation InRow RC cooling system for data centers, expanding its line of in-row cooling products.


The release includes two models, one of which is a high-temperature one which uses warmer water and outdoor air to increase chiller efficiency and maximize the use of free cooling.


Anne-Marie Gignac, VP of cooling for Schneider's IT business group, said the new product was another step in the evolution of the company's cooling offerings. “This product provides superior efficiency to help customers drive down ever-increasing operating costs,” she said.


The solution uses variable-speed fans to reduce its energy consumption when cooling demand is low. A condensate management system keeps coil temperature above dew point by recirculating coil water.


The high-temperature InRow RC unit can keep up to 60kW at 55F. The normal-temperature model can cool up to 40kW at 45F.



The solutions are compatible with Schneider's EcoAisle and Active Flow Controller containment systems.