Overwatch Mission Critical, a US data center operations company run by veterans, has launched a data center-themed coffee blend.

Data Center Cloud Juice, produced by Invader Coffee, is described as "the official coffee of the data center space," and ships from Austin Texas, at $19.99 for 12 oz (340g).

– Invader Coffee

The "dark bold Texas roast, with prominent notes of cacao" comes in a bag adorned with a gun-toting octopus, floating amongst the racks of a darkened facility.

Overwatch is a data center construction, consulting, and management firm led and staffed by military veterans with mission-critical operations and management skills.

The data center sector has for some time used military veterans as a source of skilled workers. Other companies offering similar services include Salute Mission Critical, which has operated in the US and other countries since 2013.

"Overwatch is dedicated to help our customers unleash the emerging technologies that improve the lives of everyone around the world!" says the coffee announcement. "We believe that the only way that we can complete this mission is to leverage an untapped resource of talent that can only be found in our veteran community. Our industry isn’t lacking in genius nor intelligence; it’s lacking leadership and courage and that is what we strive to provide."

The organization offers needed help to veterans as well as to data center operators, says Anthony Garcia, head of veteran recruiting, and a retired captain in the US infantry: "The more veterans that we can help find meaningful purpose upon their transition from active duty, the better our chances are at driving down the suicide rate amongst our fellow veterans.”

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