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Excool, the UK data center cooling specialist, is launching Excool Space, a modular data center system based around its adiabatic evaporative cooling units.

The modular system can be put together in units from 200kW up to more than 4MW. Each unit contains up to 40 IT racks in two rows, with contained hot aisles. Excool promises a PUE (power usage effectiveness) of around 1.15, even when the data center has a low IT load utilisation. It is being launched at Datacenter Dynamics Converged in London this week.

Birth of the cool
"The data centre industry is transforming from a period where there was extra-ordinary focus on uptime and reliability for data centre design," said Paul Inett, Excool's international business director. Now cooling is the main focus since reliability is a given, he went on.

Like other modular designs, Excool Space aims to provide an efficient data center quickly, which can be scaled up or down or even relocated when required. Excool's adiabatic cooling units have been used in data centers by Virtus, Peer1 and others, but this is the first time they have appeared in a modular package.

The units are built in a factory while the pilings and foundations on site are prepared, so the data center can be up and running within months. The system can accommodate different rack designs and equipment, and be delivered with design compliance to Uptime Tier I to IV. The modules can be used with power supplies form major vendors including Schneider and APC.

The modules are made of steel, and secure up to the EN1047-2 standard with CCTV and a choice of entry doors and locks. They include a fire suppression system and are guaranteed for 20 years.