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ABB released a free trial version of its data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software so operators can “evaluate Decathlon’s capabilities” in monitoring any meter.

The company said its Decathlon Preview for power meters demonstrates how data center managers can resolve the complexities of integrating the performance data of all the equipment in a data center into a single operational view.

Companies can obtain Decathlon Preview for power meters, through a secure download and use it to monitor up to 50 ION-protocol power meters. 

The license allows usage of the Decathlon Preview trial software for 21 days, with an option to extend the evaluation period through a license renewal. Licenses run on 21-day calendar cycles from the receipt of the software.

Rich Ungar, global head of R&D for Decathlon at ABB, said: “Our R&D engineers developed this trial software as a way for IT professionals, facility architects and managers to gain a first-hand understanding of the value that ABB Decathlon can bring to their data centers. We are eager to acquaint them with the full range of integration and automation that ABB Decathlon can offer.”