Power Professional

  • Instructor-led
  • Advanced
21 Hours

Course Description

Managing the power requirements of today’s high-end and high-availability data centres is an extremely complex task which is often underestimated, especially since many of the data centres are operating at, or near, their design limits and downtime is never an option.

A comprehensive understanding of how power requirements impact the design and operation of data centers is fundamental. From power distribution and critical components to energy efficiencies, this course provides a granular understanding of the key challenges related to power within infrastructure

Who Should Attend

  • Consulting Engineers (Mechanical & Electrical) upskilling or transitioning to data center projects.
  • Critical infrastructure engineers from data center operators responsible for facilities operations.
  • Sales engineers and product engineering staff from technology vendors looking for broader awareness of their market

Key Topics

  • Power consumption
  • Concepts of reliability and availability
  • UPS topologies
  • Emergency power generation
  • Diesel generators
  • Fuel delivery, storage & treatment
  • Circuit protection
  • Critical systems maintenance
  • Sustainability & energy efficiency

Upcoming Sessions

Region Course Language Date Time Instructor Register
UTC-6 (LAT) Power Professional SP 09 Nov 2020 5 days 9AM – 1PM Gabriel Di Lorenzo - Tecno Diar.jpg Book Now
UTC+2 (ES) Power Professional SP 16 Nov 2020 5 days 9AM – 1PM garcerán-rojas.png Book Now
UTC+1 (EMEA) Power Professional EN 16 Nov 2020 5 days 9AM – 1PM IanBitterlin-Confirmed.jpg Book Now
UTC-6 (NAM) Power Professional EN 30 Nov 2020 4 days 9AM – 2PM julius neudorfer Book Now
UTC+8 (APAC) Power Professional EN 07 Dec 2020 3 days 9AM – 5PM IanBitterlin-Confirmed.jpg Book Now

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