Mission Critical Engineering

  • Online
  • Technical
4 Hours

Course Description

This module will help you to understand all aspects of the design and operations of a mission critical facility in order to address risk tolerance, reliability, maintainability and proactive preventative maintenance.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the importance of mission critical facility risk tolerance, recovery time and reliability in today’s business environment
  • Describe the 7 steps to improved reliability and maintainability
  • Differentiate between the 4 Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Tier Levels
  • Identify mission critical facility design considerations
  • Identify the tests associated with each of the 5 commissioning levels
  • Explain how short circuit coordination studies improve facility operations
  • Describe how Direct Current (DC) systems can serve as an energy efficient solution in the mission critical facility

This course has met the required standards of the organisations listed below and is approved, accredited, validated or endorsed by them.

Key Topics

  • Industry Overview & New Requirements
  • Design Considerations & Client Specifications
  • Hardware Configurations
  • Systems, Facility Area Calculations
  • Site Validation & Layout Development
  • Layout Development
  • Redundancy Configurations
  • Bid Package Delivery
  • Vendor Selection
  • Commissioning

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