FMCI® Self-study program

  • Online
64 Hours

Building resiliency into tomorrow's workforce

FMCI® or Foundations of Mission Critical Infrastructure is an online training program that comprises 18 e-learning modules and a total of 64 hours of self-study which can be taken at the students own pace outside of the working environment. It is being used by IT and facilities teams globally to create an education baseline for the mission critical environment.

Based on the highly acclaimed book “Maintaining Mission Critical Facilities Engineering in a 7/24 Environment” by industry veteran and educator Peter Curtis, it covers many aspects of data center facility design and management and has been designed specifically to introduce an individual to this complex environment and a potentially rewarding career.

Career progression for individuals

A career in the data center industry can be very rewarding which is why many people are looking to transition into this industry. We can help individuals who want to embark on a career in the data center industry as well as those who want to develop their skills and improve their job opportunities.

Improving skills across the workforce

With human error identified as the leading cause of data center downtime, workforce education is a crucial part of the solution - a recent Uptime Institute study says human error accounts for as much as 70% of outages. The FMCI® program is already used by data center operators around the world who have identified that investing in skills is key to mission success.

Identifying skills gaps & monitoring improvement

We have developed a knowledge assessment tool that can be used to understand an individuals understanding of the mission critical environment against the learning modules. This can be used to determine which knowledge gaps need to be addressed by individuals or across entire facility operations teams.


Pay-as-you-go for individuals

Course modules can be purchased individually or in certificate course packs. Upon receipt of course fees, the student will be have their account activated on our Learning Management System (LMS). Students can login to the LMS at anytime and proceed through the online modules.

Pay-as-you-go for teams

If you wish to enrol 10+ people on any of the certificate course tracks including the full FMCI® program we can provide you with team management access to our Learning Management System (LMS) so you can onboard your team and allocate modules according to their needs. Volume discounts apply.

Fully managed training services

For organizations interested in larger scale workforce solutions of 30+ people we provide a fully managed services which includes:

  • Knowledge assessment deployment
  • Customized training plans
  • Onboarding staff
  • Reporting (student journeys, completions etc...)
  • Measuring ROI
  • We are also able to work with 3rd party LMSs.

Volume discounts apply.

CMCO credential.jpg

FMCI® is now the authorized training curriculum for CMCO

DCPro has become the first authorized training partner for the Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO®) certification, providing employers and individuals with a complete learning pathway to the CMCO examination and credential. This is a U.S. Department of Labor backed initiative to support multiple mission critical industry sectors considered essential to the economy.

What is CMCO?

CMCO® or Certified Mission Critical Operator is a new credential based on community guidance and input to a rigorous development process that defines and establishes a single set of standards for the knowledge and skills required to perform the role competently.

It provides a rigorous evaluation process for individuals to prove their achievement of the standards and establish professional credibility and provides organizations the means to manage their workforce, from both the hiring and career progression points of view.

Why was it developed?

Recognizing both the increasing importance of data centers to the economy and the need for a qualified workforce to operate them, the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration provided a grant in 2013 to enable the creation of this multifaceted training program. The aim was to prepare tomorrow’s workforce for the mission critical industry sector.

An industry-wide consultation with experienced mission critical operators and higher education specialists began. Led by a group of academic institutions, the CMCO program was created over a 3 year period. A knowledge blueprint was developed to support the educational syllabus that underpins the CMCO credential. To use the credential, individuals must pass an examination administered by Global Skills Exchange (GSX). Anyone can sit the exam, but it is strongly recommended that individuals have a minimum of 6 months formal data center training and/or 6 months of direct work experience.

How to get this credential

Achieving the CMCO credential requires the successful completion of the 87-question assessment.The exam is offered at all Pearson VUE testing centers across the United States, Europe and Asia. 

The CMCO credential is open to any interested party. It is recommended, however, that an individual have:

  • One year of education in a Mission Critical academic program (Technical college, FMCI® or equivalent), and/or
  • One year of work experience in a Mission Critical environment.

A non-refundable fee will be required to take the CMCO assessment (this is included in the FMCI e-learning course pricing). The certification is valid for 3 years.

Visit CMCO website for more information