Electrical Systems Maintenance

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  • Technical
4 Hours

Course Description

Explore the importance of how standards and regulations affect electrical maintenance. Maintenance of electrical systems is integral to ensuring continuous power to critical infrastructure. A sound understanding of a facility’s electrical infrastructure, internal deficiencies and evaluating test reports is required in order to implement a proper maintenance program.

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize how the role of the Facilities Manager has evolved over time
  • Indicate the key factors when evaluating an electrical distribution system
  • Identify proper use of reliability centered, predictive and preventative maintenance techniques
  • Recognize the critical steps, tools and techniques that must be taken to ensure safety when working with dangerous electrical components
  • Indicate effective use of infrared scanning
  • State the purpose of ground fault circuit interrupters and identify the locations where they are required
  • Differentiate between grounding and bonding
  • Describe special grounding techniques

This course has met the required standards of the organisations listed below and is approved, accredited, validated or endorsed by them.

Key Topics

  • System Evaluation
  • Internal Building Deficiencies
  • Maintenance Introductions
  • Electrical System Safety
  • Arc Flash
  • Grounding
  • System Maintenance
  • Safe Electrical Maintenance

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