Powering data center growth: Indonesia’s future energy choices

On-Demand Webinar

How can the power needed to drive Indonesia’s transformation be ensured?

Indonesia is a key data center growth market on the world stage and as the largest population and economy in the booming South East Asia region, much rests on the nation reaching its digital potential. Yet transformation cannot happen without suitable digital infrastructure and that infrastructure needs the resources required for building and operation including space, energy, water, skills, connectivity.

This broadcast will start with a 30 minute analysis of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Indonesia's data centers, followed by a 60 minute panel that will discuss further some of the key impacts of Indonesia's forward digitalisation program:

  • In what ways will requirements of energy provision shape the direction of the industry in Indonesia?
  • How can future demand be met without compromising resilience, sustainability or budget?
  • What answers can be found in design and operational practices, and from technologies?

The broadcast will conclude with a 30 minute presentation on the future for data center power systems in the context of the increasing drive towards energy efficiency and sustainability, highlighting new ways that power technologies can assist data centers to meet these and other challenges, now through 2030.