Standby Generators

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4 Hours

Course Description

In an age where emergency preparedness is increasingly under public scrutiny, the necessity for standby power has become paramount in the mission critical industry. Planning, emergency procedures and nonlinear load problems are important to the overall implementation and maintenance of an effective standby power system. This course addresses several types of standby generator systems and their respective applications.


Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between the types of electrical loads affected by a loss of power
  • Indicate the requirements that constitute the type of generator system that must be installed
  • Recognize the items that a manager must consider when operating and maintaining a generator system, including relevant documentation and emergency procedures
  • Identify and compare the maintenance procedures for each generator component
  • Recognize common issues and the solutions associated with a system that incorporates a standby generator system and UPS

This course has met the required standards for and is endorsed, approved or accredited by the organisations listed below. Upon successful completion of this course, individuals are eligible to obtain CPD/ PDH units. Further details about our relationship with each organisation will be made available upon request.

Key Topics

  • Types of Standby Systems
  • Load Considerations
  • Next Generation Data Centers
  • Alternators
  • Engine GenSet & Cooling Systems
  • Ventilation and Exhaust
  • Generator Sizing & Redundancy
  • Lock-out/ Tag-out

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