Digital Badges & Social Certificates

A great way to protect & share your credential information

Digital badges enable you to share and validate your DCD>Academy certificate with your social and professional network. When you share your badge viewers can easily verify your certificate or certification, as well as obtain information about the training that you completed to earn it.

credly badge

DCD>Academy credential badges and certificates are issued via Credly. Credly (by Pearson) is creating a skills-based ecosystem that helps individuals to showcase their achievements and organizations to easily find and verify qualified talent. In partnership with Credly, we´ve made it easy to demonstrate your commitment to the data center industry and share your DCD>Academy certification with your network.

What are the benefits?

Always Accessible - You´ll never have to worry about misplacing or losing access to your certificate. Your credential will always be available via url.

Easily Shareable - You´ve worked hard to earn your credential so it should be easy to show it off. Digital badges and certificates allow you showcase your achievement on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with one click.

Control Your Privacy - You can modify your privacy settings to make your credential publicly viewable, or private so that only a select few can view it.

Learning, Verified - Your achievements can be verified at any time by potential employers, clients or stakeholders. Your certifications on LinkedIn can be linked to your live credential to allow easy verification.

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