Automatic Transfer Switches

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4 Hours

Course Description

Get a detailed view of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and their features, requirements control devices, uses and safety regulations. During a power interruption the ability to transfer the power load to an emergency source via an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is of utmost importance – especially when concerned with life safety and critical systems.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify and compare the various types of power transfer switches and their associated applications
  • Indicate the appropriate time delay based on delay description
  • Recognize the purpose of in-phase monitoring, test and time switches and voltage and frequency controls located within an ATS
  • State the intent of each design feature
  • Recognize the tools and methods utilized when performing maintenance and testing

This course has met the required standards for and is endorsed, approved or accredited by the organisations listed below. Upon successful completion of this course, individuals are eligible to obtain CPD/ PDH units. Further details about our relationship with each organisation will be made available upon request.

Key Topics

  • ATS Requirements
  • Types of Transfer Switches
  • Open Transfer
  • Closed Transition Switch
  • Delayed Transition Switch
  • Bypass Isolation Switch
  • Control Devices
  • ATS Integration

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