17 Days
Datacenter Technology Discovery Event

Bringing you the latest product innovations for the European data center market. With live Q&A!

Technology Zones

  • Battery_card.jpg
    Battery Tech

    Latest UPS, Li-ion, VRLA, lead-acid, monitoring and testing systems

  • air_card.jpg
    Cooling Tech

    Latest air cooling technologies: HVAC, free-cooling, DX, in-row

  • Renewable_card.jpg
    Energy Smart Tech

    Latest energy efficiency and sustainability focused technologies

  • show2.jpg
    Network & Communications

    Latest cabling and cable management technology: optical, copper

  • show3.jpg
    Power Management

    Latest power management technologies: busbars, intelligent PDUs , power monitoring

  • show1.jpg
    Simulation & Visualization

    Latest data center simulation and visualization technologies

  • AI_Card.jpg
    AI & Machine Learning

    Latest technologies and services leveraging artificial intelligence & machine learning

  • Edge_card.jpg
    Edge Technology

    Latest edge technologies for building data centers at the edge

  • security_card.jpg
    Safety & Security Tech

    Latest fire protection, perimeter security and access technologies

  • liquid_card.jpg
    Liquid Cooling

    Latest immersion, direct-to-chip and liquid cooling technologies

  • Automation_card.jpg
    Automation & Control

    Latest data center infrastructure management technologies: DCIM, DCMO

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Uncover this new product discovery platform


Product innovation has never been more important as the industry strives to meet even greater capacity demands. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the conventional forums for finding out about new product, namely exhibitions.

In response, we are delighted to launch the Technology Showcase series that will provide you with the latest information on new products for the mission critical environment. Our digital platform has been developed to emulate the DCD Innovation Stage, a central feature of all our live exhibitions where vendors can pitch product. Engage with:

  • Slide decks with rich media presented by product experts
  • Product downloads within each session
  • Moderator-led Q&A

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