1–2 September 2020 New York Marriott Marquis

Plenary panel: Dear future cities, what computing infrastructure will be needed to support the ‘metro edge’ and spearhead intelligence data processing?

The realization of the ‘smart city’ is a long way from the dystopian metropolis which occupies big-budget films in Hollywood. But contrary to popular opinion, technology is not the major obstacle to the city of the future but rather the data the technology creates. In comes the data center and in the race to build and monetize the mobile edge in a densely populated metropolitan region - what will it look like and who will cross the finish line first? With the emergence of 5G on the horizon, which applications will emerge as governments launch cloud-native, digital services and what is the timeline for implementation? Is ‘hyperscale edge’ on the rise and if so, what role will it play in generating the intelligence and analytics necessary to handle developments in a smart city?