Sheraton Tysons Hotel

Panel discussion: Housing the cloud - what breaks when the planet pivots to digital?

With the dust from COVID-19 far from settling, it is clear that the resulting implication of a global pandemic has resulted in untold demand and pressure on core digital infrastructure. With unprecedented surges in network traffic, a strong focus on business continuity and rapid infrastructure build-out, suspended construction and a strained supply chain, it is essential to understand how the critical infrastructure sector responded to the rapid need for infrastructure deployment, design, build and procurement without “dropping the ball”. How has the response to the pandemic ‘re-written’ the rules for business continuity plans? Are DCIM and remote hands now mandatory? Is the building of a data center now “essential construction” and if not, why? Is a pivot to ‘onshoring’ and supplier diversification a real consideration? How has the shelter-in-place mandate affected the performance of “essential operations”?