Founded in Atlanta Georgia in 2019, EAE USA Inc. is the newest company in the EAE Group. EAE USA Inc. is focused on providing excellent sales, service and engineering support to its customers and continuing the long-standing tradition of excellence inherited from EAE Electric and the EAE Group, which possess ISO 9001 Quality Management, 14001 Environmental Management and 27001 Information Security Management certificates, in addition to having over 30 patents, 300 brands and 30,000 global references.

EAE USA Inc. has the full support of the EAE Group when it comes to the global production of busway, cable trays and other EAE Group products and solutions throughout the USA. EAE USA Inc. is more than capable of supporting the most demanding projects and critical power environments and thrives on supporting customers when electrical system failure is not an option. Our Customers are Data Centers, Hospitals, Oil and Gas companies and a wide variety of other projects where quality and flexibility are demanded from the electrical distribution system.

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