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How can data centers develop a risk-based approach to cyber and physical security?

The rollout of technologies in data centers such as AI, advanced DCIM and IoT has presented a wealth of opportunities in efficiency for the way data centers are managed and operated. However, as with any technology deployment, consideration must be taken for the risks that they present, and in particular, data centers must ensure that plans are in place to deal with the added cyber threats.

In this broadcast, expert speakers will share their views and what steps they have taken to make sure that their data centers are prepared in the face of increased risk. The safety of customer information is absolutely critical to business operations, so how can they meet the challenges of today's physical security and cybersecurity challenges? Whilst no environment can ever be risk-free, we will examine what approaches are being taken so that operators know where their greatest vulnerabilities lie, and translate this into a security action plan that safeguards customer data.

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