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The series dedicated to the European data center ecosystem

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our broadcast series can amplify your brand, highlight your expertise and accelerate your demand-generation programs

Have you spoken to your DCD Account Manager to understand how sponsoring a broadcast series can support your marketing campaigns? All of our series are specifically designed to act as key lighthouse moments in your wider marketing strategy or indeed, function independently as a mini-marketing campaign around a key message or theme.

All of our packages are underwritten so you have full transparency and certainty on your ROI, with a full, bespoke data studio reporting, with a focus on collaboration to optimize against those metrics.

A DCD event campaign allows you to:

  • Enhance share-of-voice and brand trust:
    Each series receives an extensive marketing campaign targeting 275,000+ active experts. This ensures your brand is placed front and center as an industry leader to maximize brand reach and positioning.
  • Showcase expertise and highlight success - with 250 guaranteed leads per series:
    Align your subject-matter-experts with our best-in-class renowned speaker line ups and deliver content-rich presentations and panels on our premium broadcast platform. DCD series deliver maximum thought-leadership engagement with an average viewing time of over 50 minutes.
  • Increase buyer propensity with interactive video meetings and roundtables:
    Each partner follows their panel or presentation with an interactive Roundtable discussion to ensure further conversation with engaged leads. Furthermore, unlimited 1-2-1 meetings can be set up on our unique networking platform for sponsors!
  • Your full campaign is recorded and reported in your bespoke data studio:
    We know that reporting can be a challenge. DCD takes care of the hard work for you, with each partner receiving your very own data studio report - with a direct link to download your leads!

We can create the perfect campaign to meet your needs. Book a meeting with our team today!

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  • We have collaborated with DCD for many years and see direct, attributable pipeline and revenue from each activation.

    Roseann Brusco, Marketing Manager - Global Programs, Schneider Electric
  • Excellent level of attendees and excellent networking opportunity around the events.

    Aiden Cawley, General Management, Siemens