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Power Distribution Units and Future Trends in Technology

Power distribution unit (PDU) is the equipment which ensures power supply to the servers. Theoretically this equipment looks simple and it means no better than an alternating current distribution board conventionally termed as ACDB. To a great extent it can be an absolutely correct interpretation. However when we start looking into the finer details of this terminology, one may realize that it is not at all a very simple subject. In particular with application perspective it forms a very crucial equipment in data centre. Apart from supplying continuous power to the load, this equipment can add much value to the entire system. Considering above, this presentation will cover following important aspects which usually forms a part of the PDU

  • Usage / utility of the isolation transformer in PDU
  • Benefits and limitations of transformers in PDU
  • Whether one should provide isolation at input of the UPS or output of the UPS?
  • Simple techniques to handle magnetizing/inrush currents of the transformers/soft starters.
  • Salient features of soft starter and the limitations
  • Typical power distribution requirements.
  • Branch circuit monitoring and its impact on the measurement of power and energy.
  • Future trends in PDU and IoT