Can you achieve 100% power availability and improve the CO2 balance at the same time?

Almost all industries rely on data networks and build their business models on the availability of data infrastructure. Data centers have not only become a critical infrastructure but also a strong driver for business growth and future proof business transformation.

There are various challenges in achieving maximum availability of data centers starting with the power supply and quality. The power grid has shown several blackouts and bottlenecks of supply across the globe over the last years. The visible trend of our population growing and the internet utilization increasing, clearly shows the importance of a stable power supply concept for data centers. Ultimately, the effects of climate change must also be taken into account in all growth in order to meet the upcoming requirements and laws, sustainable concepts are necessary.

This debate will include:

  • Learning about drivers for power supply selection
  • Understanding the mix of energy utilization and its implications
  • An evaluation of power supply options
  • Tuning options to reduce impact on CO2 balance
  • How to achieve the required availability for data centers - even during maintenance
  • Get to know the achievable power densities
  • Learn about business cases and system efficiencies (incl. case study)
  • How are projects structured and organized