241 Days
15 April 2020 Hotel Mulia Senayan
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Indonesia's leading Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure transformation event

Highlights from 2019

8th Annual Show: At a Glance

  • people icon 750+ Senior Industry Attendees
  • microphone icon 25+ Industry Leading Speakers
  • lightbulb icon 30+ Major Vendors on Expo Floor
  • clock icon 20+ Hours of Thought Leadership & Networking

Why DCD>Jakarta?

Created for Indonesia > First China, then India, now Indonesia is on the cusp of reaching a level of tech-based evolution that will drive the country forward and alter the balance of tech power in South East Asia and beyond. DCD>Jakarta examines what the technological leap forward means for the Indonesian digital infrastructure ecosystem as well as for wider businesses, government & citizens

Outcome-focused > with an unmatched audience of senior executives and technical teams from many of the largest data center operators and enterprise, the conference will identify and bring to life the business opportunities and the challenges that new technologies and innovations are bringing, for in-house, cloud and colocation. Delegates will be able to rely on local and international expertise to consider and inform strategies to prepare for the new, digitalized world and to ensure the choice of the right data infrastructure to ensure competitive advantage.

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2019 Speakers Included

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Key Themes

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    Digital Transformation & the Data Center Edge

    Planning for growth and predicting capacity demands for evolving digital infrastructure architectures and future industries

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    Planning for Hybrid IT

    Effectively managing capacity and operations between on-premise, colocation and the cloud

  • Energy Icon
    Energy Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure

    Designing and operating high-efficiency, high-reliability and high-density mission critical environments as part of the wider "smart" infrastructure ecosystem

  • Modernization icon
    Modernization & Lifecycle Management

    Upgrading and retrofitting existing data centers to manage modern workloads and maximise your capex

  • Hybrid Icon
    Building at Scale and Speed

    Exploring greenfield design, construction techniques and supply chain challenges

2019 Conference Agenda


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1) Your company is an enterprise with data-center needs or energy network TSO/DSO driving smart energy infrastructure


2) You, as an individual, are directly engaged, as a management or technical professional in planning, strategy, systems design, sourcing, purchasing, procurement, adoption, implementation, integration
and operations of an IT organization, data center or cloud services.


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1) Your company is an owner/operator of: a) Private, on‐premise data center b) Multi‐tenant co-location data center c) Internet host, telecom provider, carrier hotel d) Cloud IaaS/PaaS.


2) You, as an individual, are directly engaged, as a management or technical professional in planning, strategy, systems design, sourcing, purchasing, procurement, adoption, implementation, integration and operations of data center or cloud services. 

Individuals with business development/marketing/sales titles or job responsibilities representing vendors and industry supplier/service provider firms do not qualify for a free service provider pass, and should apply for a VENDOR pass. 



You need to purchase a vendor pass if your organisation provides technology, products or services to the data center sector and you, as an individual work in a senior management, marketing or business development role.


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  • DCD never fails to hold a world-class conference and high profile networking. I believe the attendees have a great benefit from this event. I hope DCD will continue to bring the issues that are relevant. Bravo DCD!

    Yongki RS, Azaya Telecom Indonesia
  • That was awesome, reason being is the subject matter is about how can ASEAN countries collaborate for the customers, and provide the best data center services

    Alvin Siagian, NTT Indonesia Nexcenter
  • DCD>Jakarta was a great experience! I had the chance to network, meet and exchange information with industry peers and various industry leading companies from the event & conference.

    Senior Director, Samsung

Hotel Mulia, Jl. Asia Afrika, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Tanahabang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10270, Indonesia