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3–5 December 2019 Webinar series

DCD>Debate: AI and analytics to optimize operational efficiency

Not only has Canada become a hub for AI and tech start-ups but with hybrid IT here to stay, enterprises are seeking the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for their increasing processing requirements. The convergence between traditional data center managers and IT experts continues to accelerate and at the same time, with outsourcing more commonplace, the shift from infrastructure management to supplier management also continues.

This creates a more pressing need for real-time analytics and intelligence to ensure uptime, efficiency and reduced operational cost. Tune into this debate to learn:

  • AI and what it means for the data center
  • Drive efficiency and uptime with greater intelligence and proactive preventative maintenance practices
  • The shift to colocation-as-a-service and changing operator expectations
  • From data to actionable insight: making analytics work for you