Analysis - Critical Power

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    The one percent Edge

    Mobile edge devices, and nodes to support them, will represent less than one percent of the power of the cloud

  • John B. Goodenough

    The restless inventor

    The father of the lithium-ion battery believes he has invented a worthy successor. Others aren't so sure.

  • SuperMUC from above

    Getting into hot water

    Fears over climate change and rising power densities led supercomputing designers to adopt hot water cooling

  • solar panels california

    Powering the golden state

    America’s most populous state wants to go all in on renewable energy, but it needs smart regulations that help businesses and consumers alike

  • Energy Smart

    Europe gets Energy Smart

    Thanks to its demographics, its energy grids, and its politics, Europe is getting ahead on energy efficiency

  • Teraco 1

    Feeling the heat

    Upgrading a data center to get a lower PUE is a challenge, but in the sub-tropical South African climate, it is a serious achievement

  • Waste Not

    Waste Not

    Data center UPS systems can be used to support the electrical grid, creating a new revenue stream for operators

  • Christian Belady and Sean James at Microsoft's Advanced Energy Lab

    Fueling the future

    We look at Microsoft, NREL and Daimler’s approaches to fuel cells in the data center