Analysis - Critical Power

  • Batteries

    Sponsored Content When Lithium-ion became the new normal

    In the last few years, lithium-ion batteries have achieved a much lower TCO than traditional lead acid batteries. Users are overcoming their conservatism and looking at the new technology

  • Sunday.jpg

    Preparing for disaster: Sunday Opadijo, DCD 2018 award winner

    Every year as part of the DCD Awards, we celebrate the individual achievements of exceptional data center managers, people who go above and beyond the call of duty, who sacrifice their time, effort and emotional well-being on the altar of uptime.

  • Software-defined

    Can power be software-defined?

    Critical infrastructure is normally inflexible. Andy Lawrence finds out if data center power really can be delivered as a flexible service

  • GettyImages-905151976.jpg

    The one percent Edge

    Mobile edge devices, and nodes to support them, will represent less than one percent of the power of the cloud

  • John B. Goodenough

    The restless inventor

    The father of the lithium-ion battery believes he has invented a worthy successor. Others aren't so sure.

  • SuperMUC from above

    Getting into hot water

    Fears over climate change and rising power densities led supercomputing designers to adopt hot water cooling

  • solar panels california

    Powering the golden state

    America’s most populous state wants to go all in on renewable energy, but it needs smart regulations that help businesses and consumers alike

  • Energy Smart

    Europe gets Energy Smart

    Thanks to its demographics, its energy grids, and its politics, Europe is getting ahead on energy efficiency

  • Teraco 1

    Feeling the heat

    Upgrading a data center to get a lower PUE is a challenge, but in the sub-tropical South African climate, it is a serious achievement