The ODCA's usage model for CIaaS

The ODCA's usage model for CIaaS

Open Data Center Alliance Master Usage Model: Compute Infrastructure-as-a-Service Rev 1.0

Published 5th November, 2012 by Open Data Center Alliance

Given the broad range of cloud consumers and their compute infrastructure requirements, there is a wide spectrum of capabilities that service providers could offer to meet compute service needs, and ultimately to deliver excellent, cost-effective end user application usage experiences.


In order to meet the compute infrastructure requirements for the broad range of service consumers, a common framework is required around which Infrastructure-as-a-Service can be defined, provisioned, monitored and managed. A common set of principles, metrics and architectural frameworks can be defined, resulting in consistent capabilities, service levels and service attributes across multiple providers, while still allowing the individual providers to innovate and differentiate.


This ODCA Master Usage Model is intended to help facilitate the potential for this by establishing a requirements framework for open, interoperable compute infrastructure services.


This document serves a variety of audiences. Business decision makers looking for specific solutions and enterprise IT groups involved in planning, operations, and procurement will find this document useful. Solution providers and technology vendors will benefit from its content to better understand customer needs and tailor service and product offerings. Standards organizations will find the information helpful in defining end-user relevant and open standards.


There are aspects of this usage model where requirements are more stringent than found in popular public clouds today. It is important to understand that this document specifies enterprise requirements, sufficient to displace incumbent enterprise data centers. This common framework is required so that CIaaS services can be evaluated, acquired and disposed of by enterprises in a way that reflects the ODCA member firms’ vision of a robust and vibrant market by the end of 2014.



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