Sandy’s impact on Internet

Here’s a time-lapse animation of network health in the US northeast, the region affected most severely by Hurricane Sandy, over two days (October 29-30).

Every square in the video below represents about 90 sq km of Earth surface. “Green” means at least 99.95% of networks in that area are available. “Red” means more than 5% of networks have been knocked out.

This was put together by renesys, a specialist in Internet health and security monitoring. The company says 5% of networks out in one square is a huge deal, considering network density in many of the squares.

“In fact, Manhattan's outage rates were much higher — on the order of 10% — which is impressively low given the fact that ConEd [the utility] cut power to much of the island,” renesys’ James Cowie wrote in a blog post. “Silencing 10% of the networks in the New York area is like taking out an entire country the size of Austria, in terms of impact on the global routing table.”

Published 1 November, 2012 by Yevgeniy Sverdlik

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