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Our reports focus on topics that are of major significance to the data center industry, covering them either on a regional or global level. They are based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative research and address topics such as data center power consumption trends, the use of colocation and outsourcing services and investment trends affecting key data center technologies. Containing data and analysis, our reports help readers understand the key regional and global trends shaping the data center industry to make informed decisions about their businesses with confidence.

Google Compute Regions and Zones

Google Data Center and Cloud Strategy Subscription

17 May 2016

Data centers are the foundation upon which Google’s web empire is built as its services reside on servers in a data center. As global internet usage and dependence on the company’s services grows so does its data center capacity requirement. As such, Google now owns multiple hyperscale data centers whereas it occupied small colocation spaces a decade ago to drive its popular online services.

E.U. Data Center Quarterly I.T. Tracker CY 2015 / Q4 2015

E.U. Data Center Quarterly I.T. Tracker CY 2015 / Q4 2015Subscription

19 Apr 2016

E.U. Data Center Quarterly IT Tracker CY 2015 and Q4 2015 contains the I.T. vendor revenue generated for the Q4 2015 / CY 2015 E.U. by key data center technologies such as storage, servers and networking equipment. Key data center / IT supplier vendor shares in the U.K., Germany and France are provided in addition to overall E.U. data center spending and data center technology trends.

Worldwide Reported Number of Colocation Facilities

Worldwide Colocation Data Center InvestmentSubscription

19 Apr 2016

Colocation is unquestionably a fastest-growing data center industry category. More enterprises are interested in outsourcing workloads to mitigate costs if not outright abdicate the responsibility of data center operations, which means there’s an abundance of opportunities for suppliers. However, competition is fierce. The industry is fragmented and regional in composition while space which means competition for colocation spend is fierce among the many providers battling for share.

Developing Solutions to the Data Center Skills Shortage

Developing Solutions to the Data Center Skills ShortageSubscription

18 Feb 2016

The data center industry’s ‘skills shortage’ is the most intractable resource shortage facing it. The core characteristics are different from those of the other resource challenges facing the industry. The shortage of skills is more difficult to measure or monitor directly than threats to the supply of power, water, connectivity or money. Markets and organisations that, on the evidence of their own reporting, have sufficient skills available ...

hub london

Metropolitan Hub Series: LondonSubscription

18 Jan 2016

London is a major global center for commerce and industry. As such, it attracts investment across a range of industries, including intensely IT dependent sectors such as financial services, e-commerce and internet media. This has resulted in significant data center investment in the greater London area, particularly since certain applications are latency sensitive and proximity can be a critical requirement for some end-users.

bat graphic

The Growth Strategies of Baidu Alibaba and TencentSubscription

30 Nov 2015

China’s internet sector is growing by leaps and bounds when users, traffic and the contribution of online services to the country’s economy are considered. This is due in part to demand for services offered by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent – China’s three largest internet companies – who have rapidly grown their respective hyperscale business ecosystems in order to capitalize on the fast-growing market for internet services. The companies have done so by virtue of acquisitions and investment ...


Metropolitan Hub Series: BeijingSubscription

9 Nov 2015

Beijing is an emerging data center market characterized by relatively high levels of investment in facility infrastructure. Unlike some other established data center hubs, where there is a higher level of technological adoption and innovation, particularly in terms of convergence and outsourcing management, investment in Beijing’s end user-operated data centers is primarily being driven by new-build projects among ICT service providers, government institutions as well as internet/media ...

eu dc quarterly it tracker

E.U. Data Center Quarterly I.T. Tracker 2Q 2015Subscription

2 Nov 2015

This document contains key regional data center market metrics such as market share and overall data center spending as well as analysis of the United Kingdom, France and Germany for the second quarter of 2015. Major I.T. data center vendor (e.g. Dell, IBM, HP, Oracle) performance summaries with share data are included as well as a section on E.U. data center technology trends (e.g. virtualization growth, storage, IaaS / PaaS ).

singapore metropolitan hub

Metropolitan Hub Series: SingaporeSubscription

22 Oct 2015

Singapore’s growth as a data center hub is part of a broader and well-established strategy to cultivate investment in the technology, telecoms, financial, logistics, hi-tech manufacturing and service sectors. Its success to date represents a triumph of strategy and implementation on the part of Government, of quality design and engineering practices, workforce education and successful marketing.


Metropolitan Hub Series: U.S. West CoastSubscription

17 Aug 2015

The Metropolitan Hub Series: U.S. West Coast report is a comprehensive overview of key American data center markets, including the San Francisco Bay Area which is the second-largest data center hub in North America, by capacity, cost and constraints. The report contains data from a variety of sources including DCD Intelligence’s Global Census, which now covers 40 countries. Issues shaping data center development are also explored.

eu dc quarterly it tracker

E.U. Data Center Quarterly I.T. Tracker 1Q 2015Subscription

31 Jul 2015

This document contains key regional data center market metrics such as market share and overall data center spending as well as accompanying analysis by the United Kingdom, France and Germany for the first quarter of 2015. Major I.T. data center vendor (e.g. Dell, IBM, HP, Oracle) performance summaries with share data are included as well as a section on E.U. data center technology trends (e.g. virtualization growth, storage, IaaS / PaaS ).

china colocation trend report

Data Center Colocation In China: From Construction To Standardization and BeyondSubscription

1 Jul 2015Updated: 27 Jul 2015

Data center build out requirements in China have multipled as a result of virtualization and cloud computing, business continuity and disaster recovery needs, the rise of bandwidth-intensive applications and globalization among other factors. This report, which contains a 3-year data center services forecast and a competitive analysis of key colocation players, will help DCD Intelligence clients better understand the progression of colocation data center growth in China and what to ...

0547 china dccarousel

China Data Center Market Trends 2015Subscription

28 May 2015

The rising demand for better in-house storage, processing and analytics capabilities to support the business needs of enterprises, in concert with the rapid development of cloud computing and big data have led to high data centers growth in China since 2010. 

sub saharan africa carousel

Sub-Saharan Africa:Data Center Challenges and OpportunitiesSubscription

29 Apr 2015

Many parts of the continent have experienced explosive growth in the number of Internet and smartphone users, while increased bandwidth availability has lowered the cost of Internet access and fueled content consumption. These trends have increased the need for telco data centers. Governments across the continent have been a major source of data center investment. In many cases, new data centers have been deployed to support government development initiatives.

global trends report

Global Data Center Market Overview and Forecasts, 2014-2020Subscription

1 Apr 2015

A number of key trends recur through the analysis of individual markets in this report. These trends include the shift from in-house facilities towards colocation and outsourced space, the shift from physical servers towards virtualized and software-defined architectures and cloud-enabled services and the blurring of the traditional boundaries between capital investment and operating costs.

0460 carousels russia cis region

Colocation Services in Russia and the CIS RegionSubscription

16 Feb 2015

The outlook for the colocation market in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan) is cautiously positive, despite global economic uncertainty associated with Western sanctions on Russia over the conflict with Ukraine.

0460 carousels latam report

Latin America Data Center Market Trends 2015Subscription

9 Feb 2015

This report has been prepared as part of DCD Intelligence’s range of regional profile and analysis reports. It includes information and analysis from the four annual Census surveys conducted between 2011 and 2014, and includes information on Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and the collective markets of Central America and the Caribbean.

0460 carousels gulf region gcc

Commercial Data Center Services in the Gulf (GCC) RegionSubscription

9 Feb 2015

This report analyzes the market for colocation and other data center services in the six countries that comprise the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. In addition to analyzing the key trends and major developments shaping the market for commercial data center services in these countries, the report examines the leading service providers with a focus on their business models and strategies. 

0460 carousels central america

Central America Connected - Commercial Data Center Growth OpportunitiesSubscription

15 Oct 2014

The report assesses the business climate and provides an overview of the political and security risks. It also evaluates the market attractiveness for potential investors, as well as identifying the leading providers of data center services, their geographic scope, connectivity and strategies.This report covers the commercial data center landscape in Central America, describing current market conditions of a region until recently long overlooked by foreign investors.

0455 subscriptions northamerica

North America Data Center Market Trends 2014Subscription

31 Jan 2014Updated: 11 Feb 2015

This report has been prepared as part of DCD Intelligence’s range of Regional Profile & Analysis Reports. It includes information & analysis from the 2011, 2012 & 2013 Census surveys & covers the United States and Canada.

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