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Industry Briefings

Our Industry Briefings provide readers with an understanding of how specific technologies and market trends have an impact on their business and the wider industry. They are primarily based on qualitative research, in-depth interviews, desk research and focus groups. The subject areas covered by Industry Briefings include new IT and facilities technologies, the importance of changing end user requirements and the impact on the industry of economic developments, emerging markets in the industry and regulatory and legislative initiatives.

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From Connectivity to Cloud Providers - Telco Data Center EvolutionSubscription

10 Jun 2015

Global telcos are facing declining margins in traditional connectivity and network services. As a result, they find themselves at a defining juncture in their future direction. Do they remain as network-connectivity providers, or move up the value chain and become service creators and innovators?  For many, the answer will be both, leveraging the core capabilities of networks,connectivity and global data center footprints, with the development of cloud services, content and wider ICT ...

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The Role of Big Data and Analytics in the Data CenterSubscription

30 Apr 2015

Organizations are looking to digitize business processes armed with big data given the potential insight provided. Initial complexity, data storage costs and manageability are issues for CIOs however. In some industries such as Formula 1 racing, portability of data is a poignant issue once big data are integrated into operations.

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The Role of Tax Breaks and Regulations in the EU Data Center IndustrySubscription

26 Mar 2015

Over the past decade, the European data center industry has come to be regarded as a crucial foundation for the growth of the Digital Economy. This has coincided with a period of rapid data center expansion and evolution.

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Germany's Data Center Market on the International StageSubscription

9 Mar 2015

This Market Abstract focuses on the German data center market and includes context on the European market and other major hubs (London, Paris and Amsterdam) that are also located in Western Europe. Other DCDi Market Abstracts focus on Toronto, New York, San Francisco and other city/regional hubs, and on other globally important country markets.

0478 new york met hub

Metropolitan Hub Series: New YorkSubscription

6 Mar 2015

The Tri-State area that extends northwest (into New York State), northeast (into southwestern Connecticut), southeast (beyond the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens to the rest of Long Island) and southwest (into New Jersey) from Manhattan is one of the world’s largest economic centers.

0478 colocation cloud services

Colocation and Cloud Services in the Finance SectorSubscription

6 Mar 2015

In the current climate of fiscal responsibility and rapid technological advancement, financial institutions must simultaneously reduce their expenses and develop new revenue streams, respond to sweeping market reforms and wide-ranging regulations, as well as adapt to new technology and consumer demand for alwayson services, any time, any place. 

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EU Data Center Quarterly IT Update Q3 2014Subscription

7 Jan 2015

The market values given here are made up exclusively of five elements: infrastructure software, servers, storage systems, enterprise networking and IaaS/PaaS IT services. Despite the limitations of these definitions, the tangible markets measured are a good proxy for IT spending in EU data centers.

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Software-Defined Data Centers and the Future of InfrastructureSubscription

24 Dec 2014Updated: 10 Feb 2015

As IT infrastructure and operations have become more complex, technologies such as cloud and virtualization have been implemented to adapt to various business needs. Over the past decade, server virtualization has redefined the deployment, management and optimization of computing resources, transforming the data center into a more adaptable and efficient platform for business applications.

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Metropolitan Hub Series: TorontoSubscription

6 Oct 2014

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and one of the most attractive locations for businesses and businesspeople in the world: It has been rated one of the best places in the world to live by the widely cited Economist Intelligence Unit (of The Economist magazine), which rated it No. 4 on a list of the world’s 10 most livable cities.

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EU Data Center Quarterly IT Update Q2 2014Subscription

23 Sep 2014Updated: 10 Feb 2015

We detail IT-spending development and market shares in the European Union, with additional information on the EU’s three largest country markets: Germany, France and the UK. The market values given here are made up exclusively of four elements: infrastructure software, servers, storage systems and enterprise networking.

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Preparing the Data Center Against the 21st Century AttackSubscription

27 Oct 2014Updated: 10 Feb 2015

Data centers – which are at the heart of modern business – are no longer fortresses into which mission-critical corporate information is poured, stored and processed in guarded isolation. IT virtualization sometimes makes the location of data uncertain, while the rise of mobile access, social business and cloud computing creates a myriad of new interactions to be secured.

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Big Data Series: What does Big Data Mean for Data Centers?Subscription

20 Oct 2014Updated: 10 Feb 2015

Big data, as a strategy to generate value from large, diverse and complex sets, is changing how organizations understand customers, deploy products and operate in their specific industries. This strategy has compelled all types of organizations to start using different technologies such as Apache Hadoop framework, not-only SQL (NoSQL) data stores and other big data management, processing and analysis solutions. 

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Challenges and Opportunities for Facility Vendors in ChinaSubscription

2 Sep 2014

Today’s data centers are at the core of business activities, and the growing density of data center equipment is placing ever-increasing demands on the physical layer. With the data center industry evolving rapidly in China over the past few years, different trends and forces are raising a number of opportunities and concerns for data center facility vendors. 

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The Growing Appeal of Modular Data Centers in Asia PacificSubscription

22 Apr 2014Updated: 9 Feb 2015

As global interest in modular data centers in the ongoing debates about the benefits of modular solutions, a growing number of organizations in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region are also considering them as an option. In the ongoing debates about the benefits of modular solutions, a number of issues have been raised.

Next-Generation Data Center Heat Management

Next Generation Data Center Heat ManagementSubscription

27 Jun 2016

An effective heat management strategy is critical to controlling data center costs and maximizing performance. This report evaluates the evolution of data center heat management, and looks at innovative new cooling approaches aimed at managing higher density computing heat requirements within today’s data centers. It is aimed at helping data center managers better understand the various heat management approaches available to them, and helping vendors prioritize product development.

Shenzhen, China

Manifest Destiny: Huawei Girds for an International Enterprise Data Center PushSubscription

27 May 2016

Key Questions Answered · How is Huawei Technologies Co. trying to be a more strategic supplier to data center equipment buyers? · What blueprint is Huawei following in order to establish a greater foothold with its data center equipment in the West? · What is Huawei’s enterprise division represent as a portion of overall company revenues last year? · How can buyers use Huawei’s coming foray into more Western markets to its advantage? · ...

Securing Hybrid Data Center Environments

Securing Hybrid Data Center EnvironmentsSubscription

27 Jul 2015

Securing Hybrid Data Center Environments, DCD Intelligence’s latest Industry Briefing, provides an overview of the emerging class of vendors that have arisen to address the increasingly complicated task of data center and network security; many now assume it’s just a matter of time before the network perimeter will be breached.

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Online Gambling and ColocationSubscription

29 Sep 2014Updated: 10 Feb 2015

DCD Intelligence (DCDi) expects that the demand for colocation space and services by online gambling operators will continue to grow to support increasing numbers of players. The increase will be driven as more markets legalize, more people reach the legal gambling age, and more mobile devices enable people to play online from anywhere and at any time. 

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The UK Public Sector Market for Data Center Facilities and ServicesSubscription

8 Jul 2014

The UK public sector is faced with the challenge of cutting significant costs while providing a secure, robust and high-speed IT infrastructure over which it can deliver an increasing number of services digitally. Further pressures include the requirement to reduce carbon footprint, boost energy efficiency, and improve operational efficiencies and quality of service. 

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The Commercial Data Center Market In North AfricaSubscription

9 Jun 2014

This report covers the commercial data center landscape in North Africa and describes current market conditions following the 2011 political and social uprisings which took place in various Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries.

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Making Sense of DCIM - End User Perceptions and Deployment TrendsSubscription

6 May 2014

As the volume of DCIM-related marketing continues to grow, it seems that an ever growing number of suppliers are attempting to enter an already crowded DCIM market. At the same time, the cautious pattern of consideration and adoption of DCIM raises some questions about market perceptions of DCIM solutions.

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The Impact of Network Virtualization on the Data Center EnvironmentSubscription

14 Jul 2013Updated: 10 Feb 2015

There has been significant software innovation in the server and storage environments and virtualization has helped drive down IT capital expenditure and operational costs at the same time as improving flexibility, agility and capacity usage. However, similar innovation in networking has lagged behind, to the point where the network has become the bottleneck holding up wider adoption of cloud services. 

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The Impact of Content Delivery Network on the Data Center IndustrySubscription

16 Apr 2013Updated: 10 Feb 2015

This research paper explores the different Datacenter strategies embraced by Pure-play CDNs, content owners and Telco/carriers to successfully deliver high-quality content to their customers at a competitive price.

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The Impact of Converged Infrastructure on the Data Center IndustrySubscription

2 Apr 2013

Converged infrastructure (CI) bundles servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and software into a single, integrated solution. Vendors have been moving towards offering CI solutions for some time either through their own technologies or partnerships, with the aim of reducing operating costs for their customers and as a means to build up their market share in the DC. Contents Page What is Converged Infrastructure? The Players The CI ...