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peter judge blog 2

The data centers they couldn't kill Subscription

16 Sep 2016 By

Elliptical’s rugged mobile data centers are back from the grave

peter judge blog 2

Signs that heat re-use might catch onSubscription

7 Sep 2016 By

Usually re-using waste heat is too much like hard work. But maybe that’s changing

Seb Moss - editorial portrait

Intel doesn't want to talk about benchmarksSubscription

5 Sep 2016 By

When a company is left to test its own product, what could possibly go wrong?

peter judge blog 2

Liquid cooling - still in the pipelineSubscription

24 Aug 2016 By

There’s plenty of types of liquid cooling, but still no flood of users

peter judge blog 2

Location is more important than risk Subscription

15 Jul 2016 By

A study says Iceland is a less risky data center location than India. But that’s not the answer if you need a data center in India

max smolaks toxic 3

Prepare for the worstSubscription

13 Jul 2016 By

A data center might be the best place to wait out an apocalypse. Apart from one thing… 

Max Smolaks

Let's make data centers coolSubscription

5 Jul 2016 By

Multi-colored racks, viewing galleries, climbing walls and dubstep could be just what we need

peter judge blog 2

Clash of the cooling titans Subscription

13 Jun 2016 By

Dell’s Triton takes on HP’s Apollo in a cooling technology battle from Mount Olympus

peter judge blog 2

Microsoft's plan to go beyond renewable creditsSubscription

6 Jun 2016 By

Microsoft has said it will go beyond today’s purchase agreements, to actually using more renewable energy. Is this realistic?

peter judge blog 2

Can ASHRAE avoid controversy?Subscription

27 May 2016 By

ASHRAE believes it can get a worthwhile efficiency standard out this summer, but there are issues to discuss 

peter judge blog 2

It's harder to green the edgesSubscription

23 May 2016 By

Edge networks have a harder time using renewables than centralized facilities

peter judge blog 2

People are the solutionSubscription

17 May 2016 By

The real secret to data center success is the people involved 

peter judge blog 2

The lag in Google's public cloud Subscription

12 May 2016 By

Google is expanding its public cloud but, is it putting on regions fast enough?

john laban lead

How to lose UPSs, PSUs and cablesSubscription

10 May 2016 By John Laban

The open-source hardware coming out of OCP is rewriting the rule book for data centers, says John Laban

peter judge blog 2

More fiber, more speed Subscription

9 May 2016 By

Fiber networks are getting more future-proof, thanks to new signal processing and better cabling systems 

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