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James Foley, BT

How MiFID II will change European financial services industrySubscription

20 Oct 2016 By James Foley, BT

From January 2018, 300,000 individuals in the UK alone (compared to 30,000 traders previously) will fall under the new regulation

steve cotton aqua metals

Escaping the battery graveyardSubscription

19 Oct 2016 By Steve Cotton, Aqua Metals

Lead acid batteries have a bad press. Now they can be recycled safely and cleanly, and bring you revenue

jack pouchet opinion lead

Reliability lessons from a nuclear subSubscription

18 Oct 2016 By Jack Pouchet, Emerson Network Power

Chasing efficiency can make your facility less reliable, unless you can quickly move down the Universal Learning Curve

ron vokoun mono

Go modular, and you can planSubscription

17 Oct 2016 By Ron Vokoun

Pre-fabricated modular data centers allow you to plan and save you from constraints

peter judge blog 2

Leave us alone, humans!Subscription

14 Oct 2016 By

Data centers serve humanity - but they just don’t want people to get too close…

steve groom vissensa mono

Hyperconvergence simplifies the stackSubscription

13 Oct 2016 By Steve Groom, Vissensa

Hyperconverged hardware offers answers to real problems - but be careful

kate craig wooid memset mono

Why we don't need Icelandic data centersSubscription

12 Oct 2016 By Kate Craig-Wood, Memset

Europe can run data centers efficiently with adiabatic cooling

Tom Bienkowski, Arbor Networks

Will you get caught in the crossfire of a DDoS attack?Subscription

11 Oct 2016 By Tom Bienkowski, Arbor Networks

The reality is that just about every geopolitical event and social movement now has its ’Cyber Reflection’ in the cyber world

jesse st laurent simplivity lead mono

The true cost of downtimeSubscription

10 Oct 2016 By Jesse St Laurent, SimpliVity

Outages will hurt your business - and the solutions don’t always live up to expectations

judge dope

Why not diversify into dope?VideoSubscription

7 Oct 2016 By

Energy demand is high, and indoor cannabis farms also need cooling. Do we have the expertise to help?

jeff klaus intel bw

IT and the C-Suite: bridge over troubled water?Subscription

6 Oct 2016 By

Data center managers and C-level executives don’t often talk. DCIM could be the foundation of a better relationship between them

victor avelar schneider electric mono

Running hotter is not enoughSubscription

5 Oct 2016 By Victor Avelar, Schneider Electric

Reducing PUE and running hotter is not enough to ensure greater efficiency. The new ASHRAE 90.4 standard should help to develop best practises that are not over-simplified

peter judge blog 2

Does reliability clash with efficiency?

4 Oct 2016 By

Make something too efficient. and you may hurt its reliability 

adam eaton pulsant lead

Is the domestic IaaS provider dead?Subscription

3 Oct 2016 By Adam Eaton, Pulsant

Local providers aren’t dead - they need to adopt the franchise model offered by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

max debased lead

Debasing tech for fun and profitSubscription

30 Sep 2016 By

Using computers for entertainment, we have helped create the modern world

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