Utah Republican to cut NSA facility’s water supply

Marc Roberts’ impending bill to prevent anyone supplying Bluffdale center

14 February 2014 by Hollie Luxford - DatacenterDynamics

Utah Republican to cut NSA facility’s water supply
NSA's Bluffdale facility

Utah Republican Marc Roberts has submitted a bill to block suppliers providing the National Security Agency’s (NSA) data center with water, according to a report by The Guardian.

The US$1bn-plus NSA data center is currently under construction in the Bluffdale state in Utah and will reportedly use around 1.7m gallons of water per day for cooling and various employee needs.

The first-term Republican lawmaker said he plans to check government surveillance starting at a local level and that cutting water supply is one way of the state saying it does not agree with the NSA actions in light of the recent spy allegations.

Speaking to the Guardian Roberts said: “the bill is about telling the federal government if you want to spy on the whole world and American citizens, great, but we’re not going to help you.”

Roberts said he expects a struggle against NSA supporters in his conservative state as well as businesses that will argue the facility will create jobs and boost the local economy.

He said he is currently talking with colleagues and is trying to find co-sponsors to support the bill.

Utah is reportedly the 13th State legislature to consider sanctions on the federal government spy agency.

The data center has already faced issues with its electricity supplies after numerous electrical surges which have destroyed hundreds and thousands of dollars of machinery, and by making it illegal to supply the facility will delay and complicate plans further and compromise further plans for storage capacity expansion.

Four other states – Kansas, New Hampshire, Alaska and Missouri – are considering a related measure to prevent the sharing of NSA-derived data without a warrant.

The Guardian said the campaign faces unfavorable odds as the 4th Amendment Protection Act in Mississippi was referred to the state senate rules committee on 20 January, where it died on 4 February.


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