New Jersey State websites back up after data center outage

Report: Power restored after four hours, websites take longer

13 September 2013 by Yevgeniy Sverdlik - DatacenterDynamics

New Jersey State websites back up after data center outage
New Jersey State House

New Jersey State government websites and computers at the Motor Vehicle Commission have recovered from downtime caused by a data center power outage this morning.


State Treasury spokesman Bill Quinn told that all state websites and computer system were back up and business processes had returned to normal as of 3pm Eastern. “We are reviewing the cause of today's outage with PSE&G, our power supplier, and the steps that should be taken to prevent a recurrence of this incident,” he said, according to the news service.


Utility power interruptions are fairly common. Most data centers, however, have backup generators and automatic failover systems to continue supplying power to IT equipment they support.


Power supply at one of the state government's three data centers, managed by the Office of Information Technology in the Treasury department, was interrupted around 5am. Power was restored by 9am, but it took much longer to bring websites back online.


The outage knocked out websiteds of all but two branches of the state government: the courts and the legislature. One of the agencies whom the incident affected the most was the Motor Vehicle Commission, all 39 of whose offices across the state experienced computer-system failure.


Websites updated by the cabinet and departments of governor Chris Cristie's office were inaccessible. Users also could not look up tax information, drivers license requirements, health advisories and other information.


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