US provider makes room for Mac Minis in colo data center

Announcement: Says demand is high for Mac Server OS X on dedicated servers

26 February 2013 by DatacenterDynamics FOCUS

US provider makes room for Mac Minis in colo data center
Apple's Mac Mini

US data center services provider Colocation America announced it was now offering Mac Mini Colocation for Apple users who prefer to run an Apple-based OS on a dedicated server.


The tiny Apple desktop makes a powerful server when used in conjunction with Mac Server OS X, the provider said, adding that there was a need for such hosting services. The service includes fast connectivity, simple billing and around-the-clock tech support.


“Traditional dedicated servers don’t always appeal to everyone, especially those accustomed to using an Apple-based operating system,” Shawn Ahdoot, Colocation America's markeging director said. “The Mac Mini has proven itself in a competitive marketplace.


“Due to its compact size and powerful OS the Mac Mini makes for an ideal dedicated server.”


Samantha Walters, the company's VP of online strategies, said application developers typically gravitated to the Apple OS to begin with. “Typically, they will need a dedicated server setup once they release their app to the public,” she said.


Colocation space for Mac Minis is available in Colocation America's Los Angeles data center at the One Wilshire carrier hotel. The firm also has secondary data centers in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco and Chicago.


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