Minkels launches 'next gen' modular cold corridor for data centers

Announcement: Flexible aisle containment solution brought to market

25 February 2013 by Ambrose McNevin - DatacenterDynamics

Minkels launches 'next gen' modular cold corridor for data centers
Minkels Next Gen Cold Corridor containment unit

Minkels announced its Next Generation Cold Corridor modular aisle containment solution that separates hot and cold airflows in an energy-efficient manner. 
The company launched the first version of the Cold Corridor system in 2006 and the latest design, known as the Next Generation Cold Corridor, Minkels’ R&D department caters to 'increasingly dynamic user requirements.' 

“Virtualisation and cloud computing have given data center dynamics a considerable boost,” says Jeroen Hol, CEO at Minkels. “As an extension of this development, users are expressing a growing need for scalable and flexible data center solutions. They want to be able to conveniently upscale or downscale a data center whenever necessary. Cost considerations also play a role in this call for flexibility.”

Minkels’ R&D has improved airflow management over the previous version and new roof panels were designed for a high level of light transmission. The new design enables the plug & play installation of monitoring sensors.

One available module means the compatibility of the Cold Corridor with water mist fire suppression. This module contains a so called ‘pivot roof’ system, which connects the roof panels to the water mist fire suppression. Once a certain temperature is reached the roof panels will collapse to let the water mist inside.

In the field of access & access control there is a module available with automatic sliding doors, and a mechanical self-closing module, as well as a manual option – either synchronised or not. 




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