Michigan data center offers Sandy’s victims free colocation

Firm opens doors to tenants of damaged East Coast data centers

2 November 2012 by Yevgeniy Sverdlik - DatacenterDynamics

Michigan data center offers Sandy’s victims free colocation
Air conditioning units at Waveform’s Troy, Michigan, data center

In the wake of widespread data center outages on the East Coast as a result of Hurricane Sandy, a Michigan company is offering tenants of facilities that have gone offline free colocation space at its data center in the City of Troy (about 20 miles north of Detroit).

Waveform Technology said companies affected by the storm could install their servers on its colocation floor and keep them there free of charge for two months. It is donating space, power, Internet bandwidth and setup services.

“We realize beyond the personal impact the storm has wrought throughout the eastern seaboard, a host of economic difficulties are sure to follow due to the loss of IT infrastructure,” the company said in a statement.

Many New York and New Jersey data centers continue running on generator power. Large portions of Manhattan, where many connectivity and data center hubs are located, were without utility power, with Consolidated Edison (the local utility) projecting it would restore power by the weekend.

One of these hubs, at 75 Broad St. in New York City’s Manhattan borough, hosts data centers by providers Peer 1 and Internap, among others. Not only did it loose utility power, the fuel-pumping system for its backup generators was damaged and until a replacement pump was installed and turned on Thursday evening, crews of tenant staff had been carrying diesel fuel in buckets to a generator on the 17th floor by stairs.

A data center operated by Datagram at 33 Whitehall St. remained down as of about 2pm local time, as its operators had been waiting for a mobile generator to arrive, since its own backup infrastructure had been damaged. The generator arrived a little after 2pm, and the crews got to work to hook it up to the building and bring it online.

A major carrier and data center hotel at 111 8th Ave. – owned by Google – experienced fuel-pump issues earlier in the week as well. This facility houses data centers by Equinix and Zayo Group, among many others.

Equinix’ data center in this building has gone down at least three times since utility power went out, the company said. The pump issue has also caused in the loss of cooling in a portion of the building, leading to a dangerous temperature rise at one of Zayo’s suites there.

 The pumping system at 111 8th Ave. was fixed on Thursday afternoon.


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