DCIM company launches new infrastructure metric

DCIM company launches new infrastructure metric

3 January 2005 by Penny Jones - DatacenterDynamics

A new metric has been made available by data center intelligence (DCI) provider CiRBA as part of a monitoring tool released today.
CRBA said the metric provides a precise measurement of server infrastructure requirements.
Using the fully-loaded utilization (UFL) metric, data center operators can see exactly how much infrastructure is required to safely service workloads, allowing excess capacity to be accurately measured and reclaimed for other purposes,\" CiRBA said.
The metric models offered by CiRBA cover service level requirements, risk tolerance, security and regulatory requirements, planned growth and high availability and disaster recovery policies and plans.
CiBRA CTO and founder Andrew Hillier said organizations mostly rely on traditional utilization metrics such as CPU utilization but this metric takes into account other constraints and policies that could have an effect on operations.
\"CPU, memory and IO utilization metrics only tell part of the story when it comes to efficiency and infrastructure requirements,\" Hillier said.
\"The real question is how many servers are required to safely host a set of workloads, and how this compares to the number of servers that are actually deployed.
\"If more servers are deployed then are actually needed, then there is an opportunity to increase efficiency, either by reclaiming servers or adding more virtual machines. If, on the other hand, analysis shows that no servers can be removed . . . then the environment is running as efficiently as it can be, regardless of what the percent CPU utilization is.\"
Hillier said the new metric could halt the double up of purchases and make data centers more efficient in terms of infrastructure costs.


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