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15th April, 2014

Research shows the availability of suitably skilled staff can be either a key enabler or an impediment to meeting requirements

15th April, 2014

What the data center industry thinks

14th April, 2014

Businesses can get back to extracting value from applications

8th April, 2014
From outsourcing, in-sourcing to strategic sourcing, we now have ‘IT sourcing’
8th April, 2014

IBM says mainframe sales are on the rise in the data center as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of of its first mainframe computer

7th April, 2014

It’s time to remove one of the key elements of vendor lock-in for cloud projects:  proprietary certification of platforms and software

7th April, 2014

DCD Converged Shenzhen: How Tencent is using micro modular to achieve efficiency and reduce deployment time in its Chinese data centers

4th April, 2014
A service provider and consultancy, a technology vendor and a telco are teaming up to change the nature of the Cloud
3rd April, 2014

Cloud giant says activists have bad data, but refuses to provide the right data

28th March, 2014

Telcos have always run data centers but can they give commercial data  center service providers a run for their money? 


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