So what was new at VMworld Europe today?

Published on 16th October 2013 by Penny Jones

As predicted, many of VMware’s announcements today did build on opportunities that could be gained through its large install base, especially around automation and management capabilities allowed through virtualized appliances.

These definitely built on key announcements VMware made at its US event in San Francisco earlier this year.

CEO Pat Gelsinger said automation and management is really one of the next frontiers for VMware. He said while current figures show the amount of investment placed by companies in innovation of the IT environment is growing, automation and management can help bring more innovation to create more competitive advantages in the business environment.

“As an industry we are spending too much on today’s stuff.  Gartner says less than 30% of IT budgets today are being spent on innovation. The reason is that infrastructure is brittle and heavy, and as a result, less than 30% is being spent on innovation. Our goal is 50/50% or even beyond, where we have created an environment where apps are easy and on demand and things are far more automated,” Gelsinger said.

To reach this point of innovation, he believes people working inside the data center need to be freed up to innovate – and it automation tools will go a long way to buying time.

“You (the customer) need to become a service provider and deliver IT as a service business toi your internal customers.

 So what has Gelsinger announced today that could help free up time and speed up the delivery of IT services? Here is a small snippet of some of the announcements.

Automation through vCloud
VMware announced its vCloud Automation Center 6.0, offering a single solution for the rapid delivery of applications, including application release automation and support for DevOps automation tools. The release incorporates vCloud Application Director and features a self-service catalogue for managing and requesting IT services, including those of partners for on-demand access.

VMware says this release is all about designing custom IT services in minutes to complement current out-of-the-box service capabilities for Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

It also announced vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.8. The suite uses patented analytics for enhanced performance for business critical applications. It also provides analytics for storage vendors and devices so administrators can pinpoint configuration errors, performance bottlenecks and resource issues.

CEO Pat Gelsinger said these releases all focus on VMware’s shift to make IT run like a business. He said they have been designed to provide cost transparency as well as service delivery in an automated and programmatic fashion. To do this, they need to be able to run on any cloud environment and platform.

Business management

One new product was launched that extends the focus to the business side of service delivery – the VMware IT Business Management Suite 1.0 Standard Edition. This is designed for the head of IT infrastructure to that wants to know the cost and consumption of virtual infrastructure in the Cloud (public or private). The suite integrates with vCenter Server, VMware IT Benchmarking and vCloud Automation Center.

An advanced enterprise edition - Suite 8.0 - was also announced, providing dashboards for CIOs, CFOs and IT project managers for continual cost comparisons.

Cloud marketplace

Further to this idea of managing cloud environments, VMware released its cloud management marketplace, featuring offerings from its partners as well as VMware. It claims the service catalogue can help streamline the provisioning of apps for the Cloud. If nothing else, it is always interesting to see what is on offer and at what price.

A new announcement was saved for the event  – the company is bringing its vCloud Hybrid Services UK and then creating more localized offerings across Europe from the middle of Q1 next year. You can read more about this here.

I hope to have more from the second and final day of the VMworld Europe conference for you tomorrow.


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