New Year Predictions - a yoke around your neck

Published on 2nd January 2013 by Peter Hannaford

The problem with making New Year predictions is that you feel obliged to follow them up at the end of the year to see if you were right. Which, I’ve just realised, takes a lot of time, especially where quantitative predictions are made. So I’m not going to bother, even though I’m pretty sure I was right. For example, in January 2012 I said that Datacenter Industry would become mainstream with more media airtime. Certainly the New York Times spurred a massive reaction and increase in the written word with their article on Datacenter Inefficiency. Disappointingly however, we never made it on the LinkedIn Industry list. Unlike Ranching, Nanotechnology, Alternative Dispute Resolution (whatever that is), Railroad Manufacture, Translation and Ceramics.
I also said that smaller datacenters would disappear as customers moved their IT into the Cloud. I’m sure that’s true, but I’ve no numbers.
I said that DCIM would continue to dominate conferences. At one general Datacenter event I attended, ten out of twelve presentations were on DCIM.

I predicted that three major DCIM vendors would be acquired. Panduit bought Unite, Schneider acquired the Viridity software and I’m sure there were another couple of lower-profile acquisitions that took place. Plus there were a few “partnerships” cemented, as between ABB and Nlyte , Raritan and Power Assure etc.
OK, so PUE hasn’t disappeared. Regretfully some people are still promoting it as the golden metric. But the audience is getting better informed and the good news is that ITUE is getting more and more publicity.
There were other predictions which I’d argue came true, but I don’t have the time to research the data. Hands up! But that’s the advantage of blogging - you can just pen random thoughts as they occur. So long as you don’t deliberately libel anyone! Someone might actually read it!
So I’m not going to creating work at the end of this year by making more industry predictions save for saying that DCIM will continue to dominate trade shows and presentations.
One prediction I made which was spectacularly incorrect was the statement that GB would win 20 gold medals at the Olympics. I meant to say “ least 20 gold medals” ! Glad I got that wrong.


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