First essential diary date of 2013 - The Godfather is in Town

Published on 7th January 2013 by Ambrose McNevin

Next Monday, January 14th is my first essential diary date of the year.

Don Beaty, founding chairman of ASHRAE TC9.9 (The technical committee of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) and the man who, as founder and chairman of DLB Associates, designed the data center campuses on which Google was built is in town to address the BCS at its London HQ.

The last conversation I had with Don was at DCD Converged in London when we discussed profiling in the context of data centers, people and organisations.

It was both challenging and illuminating. I am certain this address will be no different. 

ASHRAE TC9.9 directs the industy on the environmental conditions of equipment operation in the data center, or as Zahl Limbuwala, BCS Data Center Systems Group chairman puts it: "TC9.9 is the place where the environmental specifications for IT equipment are discussed, agreed and set. All the major IT equipment vendors worldwide participate in TC9.9 and provide guidance within their equipment specs that reference the various environmental levels. The larger vendors have over the years also contributed equipment failure data to provide equipment failure data as it relates to operations within different environmental conditions."

Basically if you are interested in equipment failure and more importantly how to avoid it, no-one knows more about the operating conditions of the data center than Mr Beaty.

"Don is an engineer through and through and the DCSG have secured him for the evening to share both formally in a presentation and informally in an extended Q&A his knowledge and experience of projects such as the Google data centre at Hamina in Finland and other major projects of both modest and gargantuan proportions," said Mr Limbuwala.

The event runs from 6pm to 9pm and takes place at the Central London HQ at 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA.
Places are limited and pre-booking is essential.
Book a space using this link:


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