At the core of our web offering we have developed a taxonomy for the data center industry that helps bring some definition to our market at both a global and local level. No easy task considering the number of markets we work in, the number of disciplines (job functions) that converge on the data center space, the number of industry verticals served, and the many different topics of interest.
This core is essential to make sure that our users receive timely and highly relevant information. And in turn also means that advertisers can target specific groups with specific campaigns - unfolding a world of opportunity for sales and marketing organisations to the data center industry.
From the more traditional tenure advertising positions to the CPM model we can serve you ads contextually, by market or by user profile and even by language.
  • Full advertising campaigns can be built to target specific groups at a localised level or indeed the whole community at a global level, that include not just display advertising, but white paper delivery, user polling, to webinar production and more.

To get a copy of our media pack or to talk with someone from our advertising team, please send an email to: or call
+44 (0) 207 377 1907.

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